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Custom Printed Stand Up Pouch with Zipper & Butterfly Handle

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What features do Stand Up Pouches have?

o    Stand up pouches stand up on their own with a durable bottom gusset when filled and fold flat while empty, saving freight costs and storage space.

o    Stand up pouches have great shelf display ability, giving retailers opportunities to display products and maximize shelf space.

o    Stand Up Pouches are extremely easy to pack.

o    Stand up pouches can go with user-friendly features such as a resealable zipper to keep the products inside as airtight as possible, tear notches for easy tear, as well as hang holes.

o    Stand up pouches are market-friendly with an attractive billboard for label and graphics.

o    Stand up pouches remain an economical solution compared with rigid packaging applications,


The advantages of stand up pouches make them quickly become popular in the flexible packaging industry. Their great shelf presence and available options make them an admired choice for a wide range of products.


What kind of products are Stand Up Pouches suitable for packaging?

o    Solid foods (coffee, tea, grains, crackers, snacks, cookies, nuts, chips, dried fruit, candies, confectioneries, etc)

o    Liquids (juice, sauce, creams, etc)

o    Spices

o    Frozen foods

o    Pet Treats

o    Various other applications


What speficications does Pacqueen offer?



Flexible Packaging


Stand Up Pouch


Depending on what to package inside, the target market and the customers’ preferences and needs.

Using laminated materials such as clear poly, metalized films, aluminum and kraft paper.



Per customers’ needs.

Bottom Gusset Seals

o    K-seal: Angled bottom corner seal

o    Doyen seal: rounded bottom seal


o    Zipper

o    Spout

o    Degassing Valve


o    Tear notches

o    Rounded corners

o    Hang holes/die-cut handles

o    Laser perforation

o    Clear window/frosted window/matte finish with glossy clear window

o    Die-cut customized shape


o    Glossy finish

o    Matte finish

o    Glossy printing with spot matte finish

Rotogravure printing up to 10 colors using food-grade inks which comply with Japan, EU and US requirements

Pacqueen stocks, designs and customizes a wide selection of flexible packaging food pouches. 

Besides the unlimited customized options, Pacqueen carrys a line of stock items in a wide variety of sizes, materials and colors for IMMEDIATE delivery. 

Stock items can also go with our uniquely developed custom-printing options.


Whether you’re looking for stock items or fully customized ones, and whatever the quantity is, we have a unique solution for you!

And we strive to make your packaging GREENER, your spending MORE EFFICIENT and your branding more EFFECTIVE. 

Together we make our businesses MORE SUSTAINABLE!


Contact us to get a catalog or discuss your particular food packaging!


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