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Customized Coffee Packaging Supplies (Coffee Bags & Disposable Coffee Cups)

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The packaging, which has a direct impact on the taste of coffee beans, is what keeps the coffee fresh for longer and what customers will picture when they see the products. Packaging is so important that choosing the best packaging for the coffee is much more than just an attractive design. 

There isn’t one right type of packaging – it all depends on factors such as the scale of your business, your filling processes, and your target customers. 


Types of coffee packaging that Pacqueen supplies:

Coffee Bags

Stand Up Pouch | Side Gusset Pouch |

Quad Seal Side Gusset Pouch | Flat Bottom Pouch

Coffee Cups

Paper cups for hot drinks:

Single-wall Paper Cup | Double-wall Paper Cup |   Ripple Paper Cup

Kraft Paper Cup | Diamond Paper Cup | Jolly Cup

Plastic cups for cold drinks:

PET Cup | PP Cup

Outer Packaging

Paper Bag | Paper Box


Degassing Valves | Tin Ties

Custom Printed Labels

What major factors should you consider when selecting your coffee packaging? Check out our blog which discusses six major factors for you to take into account. http://www.pacqueen.com/newsdetail_cid_10_id_87.html 


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