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Customized Flat Bottom Pouch with Zipper, Handle & Clear Window

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End-Use Categories : Coffee, Tea, Snack Food, Pet Food, Dried Fruit,

Flat bottom pouches are the latest pouch style available. This pouch style is gaining popularity due to good looking and convenience although it costs higher to produce than other pouch styles.

A lot of names are referring to this type of pouches: flat bottom pouches, square bottom pouches, block bottom pouches, box bottom pouches, box pouches, quad sealed flat bottom bags, three side gusset bags, brick pouches, etc.

The name says it all: its square style makes it look almost like a box. The flat bottom pouches resemble the quad seal side gusset pouches but additionally have a flat bottom - These pouches have gussets on left and right side and an additional gusset on bottom.


What features do Flat Bottom Pouches have?

o    The flat bottom pouches offer an innovative solution that combines five printable sides as well as excellent shelf appeal for merchandise.

o    The box shape of flat bottom pouches minimizes wasted space inside the package, while providing a more stable base for shelf placement.

o    The square style gives it perfect stand-up properties and great marketing possibilities. It also allows for a lot of possibilities in terms of zipper, sizes, and designs.

o    A selection of material structures that guarantee the organoleptic properties of the contents.

o    The flat bottom pouches are called “environment friendly packaging bags” as they can save about 15% of packaging materials due to the unique design. Shelf space can also be saved as the bags stand tall and the width of the bags is less as compared to stand up pouches. So this style of bags can save food manufacturers some costs by paying less for the supermarket shelf space.


What kind of products are Flat Bottom Pouches suitable for packaging?

o    Solid foods (coffee, tea, snacks, cookies, chocolates, confectioneries, etc)

o    Muesli

o    Spices

o    Rice

o    Cocoa powder

o    Pet food

o    Various other applications


What customized options does Pacqueen offer?



Flexible Packaging


Flat Bottom Pouch


Depending on what to package inside, the target market and the customers’ preferences and needs.

Using laminated materials such as clear poly, metalized films, aluminum and kraft paper.



Per customers’ needs.


o    Zipper for reclosure

o    Tin Tie for reclosure

o    Degassing Valve


o    Tear notches

o    Laser perforation

o    Clear window/frosted window/matte finish with glossy clear window


o    Glossy finish

o    Matte finish

o    Glossy printing with spot matte finish

Rotogravure printing up to 10 colors using food-grade inks which comply with Japan, EU and US requirements


Pacqueen stocks, designs and customizes a wide selection of flexible packaging food pouches.

Besides the unlimited customized options, Pacqueen carrys a line of stock items in a wide variety of sizes, materials and colors for IMMEDIATE delivery.

Stock items can also go with our uniquely developed custom-printing options.


Whether you’re looking for stock items or fully customized ones, and whatever the quantity is, we have a unique solution for you.

And we strive to make your packaging GREENER, your spending MORE EFFICIENT and your branding more EFFECTIVE.

Together we make our businesses MORE SUSTAINABLE.

Contact us to get a catalog for our full line of stock items or discuss your customized packaging!


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