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Custom Shaped Stand-up Spout Pouch / Foil Beverage Pouch

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What kind of pouches is called “Spout Pouches”?

Spout pouches are pouches that are fixed with a spout (also called “nozzle or fitment”) to provide flexible packaging options for liquid & fluid products.

The spout is fixed either at a 90-degree angle of the pouch or in the center of the pouch. And spout pouches are widely seen in customized shapes to stand out on the shelf.

Wine spout pouches are inclusive of metalized layers to improve shelf life of the goods.


The spout pouch is a safer packaging solution which ensures that the transportation of liquid products is easier and mess-free compared to the traditional plastic bottles or glass bottles.


What features do Spout Pouches have?

o    Spout pouches are more functional, stable and shelf-accessible than other liquid storage solutions like plastic bottles or glass bottles.

o    As spout pouches are smaller than bottles, they not only save shelf space but are easy to take and use by consumers.

o    Spout pouches are consumer friendly and durable because of the high barrier lamination and provide overall product protection.

o    Spout pouches are marketing friendly as they allow retailers to display company branding and product information vibrantly with a full coverage of artwork printed over the pouches.  

o    Spout pouches are reusable hence increasing sales of spout pouches due to their environment friendly nature.

o    Spout pouches can be designed with a unique customized shape to differentiate the product from the competition. Also, the artwork is enhanced with matched shape of packaging.


What kind of products are Spout Pouches suitable for packaging?

o    Beverage (juice, energy drinks, cocktail, wine, and other alcoholic beverages)

o    Jelly

o    Yogurt

o    Sauces (salad dressing, tomato sauces, oil, etc.)

o    Spices, Sugar, Salt

o    Baby Food

o    Various other applications


What customized options does Pacqueen offer?



Flexible Packaging


Spout Pouch


Depending on what to package inside, the target market and the customers’ preferences and needs.

The material   structure will be carefully designed to make sure the spout pouches are reliable and safe for packaging the liquid products.


Per customers’   needs.


o    3 Side Seal Flat Pouch

o    Stand Up Pouch


o    Spout


The shape of pouch can be customized to form a unique shape of packaging.


Rotogravure printing up to 9 colors using food-grade inks which comply with Japan, EU and US requirements


Pacqueen stocks, designs and customizes a wide selection of flexible packaging food pouches.

Besides the unlimited customized options, we carry a line of stock items in a wide variety of sizes, materials and colors for IMMEDIATE delivery.

Stock items can also go with our uniquely developed custom-printing options.


Whether you’re looking for stock items or fully customized ones, and whatever the quantity is, we have a unique solution for you.

And we strive to make your packaging GREENER, your spending MORE EFFICIENT and your branding more EFFECTIVE.

Together we make our businesses MORE SUSTAINABLE.


Contact us to get a catalog for our full line of stock items, or discuss your customized packaging!


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