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Plain Clear Grape Pouch / Produce Pouch with Slider Zipper, Handle & Vent Holes

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End-Use Categories : Vagetables, Fruits,

What kind of pouches is called “Produce Pouches”?

The produce pouches are ideal for fruits and vegetables.

Produce pouches are generally made with vent holes or micro perforation in both high clarity BOPP or CPP film, and the convenient die-cut handles and zip top makes the pouch easy for the consumer to use.


What features do Produce Pouches have?

o    The high clarity pouch gives consumers a clear view of the product.

o    The die-cut handle is designed for easy carry, and hanger holes are also available for convenient in-store display.

o    The vent holes or micro perforation prevents condensation and helps extend shelf life.

o    The zipper enables consumers to reseal the pouch to maintain freshness of the fruits and vegetables inside.

o    The bottom gusset allows more contents to be placed inside, helps the pouch stand on shelf upright and prevents spills.

o    Custom printing is available to brand and market the company.

o    Produce pouches prevent contamination from consumer handling, decrease product spillage and product from being over picked.

o    Overall, the produce pouches provide convenience for busy shoppers.


What kind of products are Produce Pouches suitable for packaging?

o    Fruits

o    Vegetables


What customized options does Pacqueen offer?



Flexible Packaging


Produce Pouch


Depending on what to package inside, the target market and the customers’ preferences and needs.

Using high clarity materials to display a clear view of fresh produce inside.


Per customers’ needs.

Seal Styles

o    K-seal: Angled bottom corner seal

o    Doyen seal: rounded bottom seal


o    Zipper

o    Slider Zipper


o    Tear notches

o    Vent holes / Micro perforation

o    Hang holes/die-cut handles


Rotogravure printing up to 10 colors using food-grade inks which comply with Japan, EU and US requirements


Pacqueen stocks, designs and customizes a wide selection of flexible packaging food pouches.

Besides the unlimited customized options, we carry a line of stock items in a wide variety of sizes, materials and colors for IMMEDIATE delivery.

Stock items can also go with our uniquely developed custom-printing options.


Whether you’re looking for stock items or fully customized ones, and whatever the quantity is, we have a unique solution for you.

And we strive to make your packaging GREENER, your spending MORE EFFICIENT and your branding more EFFECTIVE.

Together we make our businesses MORE SUSTAINABLE.


Contact us to get a catalog for our full line of stock items, or discuss your customized packaging!


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